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Приходи один, с партнером или с друзьями — ресторан «Farm» ждет! В меню Вы найдете рыбные, мясные и веганские блюда, в каждом из которых есть нотки современной эстонской кухни. Приходите и получите образец для себя, и Вы не пожалеете!

В предложение входит:
  • Бесплатный выбор блюд из меню ресторана Farm на сумму подарочной карты
Изображение, иллюстрирующее услугу, может отличаться от реальности
Место: Viru tn 11, Таллин
Продолжительность: Продолжительность не указана
Количество человек: 1-2
Одежда: Нет требований к одежде
Срок годности подарочной карты: 12 месяцев с момента приобретения
Сезон: Круглый год
Питание: Ужин
Страна: Эстония
Место в Эстонии: Таллин
Регион Эстонии: Харьюмаа
Необходима предварительная регистрация: Контактная информация указана на подарочном купоне.
Бесплатная доставка и упаковка
Гарантия обмена и возврата
Безопасные покупки
  • Сумма €

50,00 €

  • Зарегистрированные участники получают баллы: +50

Дополнительное преимущество:

  • Cрок годности подарка 12 мес.
  • Бесплатная доставка!
  • 365-дневная гарантия обмена!
  • 15-дневная гарантия возврата!
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Restoran Farm
Google 4.6 / (1212)
  • Atmosphere and style was not our thing: bright lights, piano music, very classic room design, we felt “very old” ans indeed, most guests were 50+. Service was friendly and the food was good, but overall not a place we would choose again, but nothing they did wrong. Therefore I give the 3 stars, others might have enjoyed it more.
  • A very nice cozy restaurant. They have some traditional Estonian dishes with a modern and fancy twist. Service is very good and attentive. Waitresses are all smiley and not shy to recommend. Firstly, the rye bread is served. It is so tasty that I decide to take an extra loaf at a bargained price of 6 euros. We had the appetizer selection which includes beef and salmon tartare, rabbit liver and cod liver along with complimentary fish ice-cream. Personally, my favourite is the beef tartar. Main course are lamb and rib eye, both are very juicy and tender. For some reason, the lamb tastes like beef in a good way. LOVE the ice-cream! The hidden flavor liquor and plum is so good and the rye malt is also exceptional. ?
  • Freshness of ingredients, well executed menu. The beef tartare and venison were delicious. The simplest sorbet of fresh blackberries ended the wonderful meal. Great service staff with knowledge of menu and good wine recommendations. Many other items on the menu I would love to try the next time round!
  • The restaurant's design surprises with a modern, warm interpretation of Nordic country house style. There was a warm welcome right at the entrance, coats were stored in a lockable cloakroom. There was calm and confident service at the table, the waiter spoke excellent English. When serving, the individual courses were explained. Definitely worth a (further) visit.
  • The salmon and beef tartare were good, both had an excellent texture, and the taste was good and functional. The restaurant's homemade breads served as appetizers were really effective with finger salt and butter; the finger salt complemented the sweet taste of the bread well. The skin of the fish served as the main course was fried very crispy. The venison steak was excellent in texture, cut, and perfectly cooked. A balanced taste combined with sauces and other side dishes. The blackcurrant sorbet served as dessert was indeed made from real ingredients, with a rich blackcurrant taste and suitable sorbet softness. Meringue went well with the strawberry and blackcurrant jam. The service was knowledgeable and friendly, with the same server taking care of us the whole time. The place is atmospheric and charming for dining.