Adrenaliinirohke seiklus Valgeranna seikluspargis

Pange end proovile põneval seiklusrajal Valgeranna Seikluspargis. Seikluspargist leiate puude vahele ehitatud põnevad sillad ja takistusrajad. Takistusraja läbimine on seiklusrohke ning tekitab unustamatuid emotsioone. Tunneta adrenaliini tõusmas, tõustes iga rajaga tasapisi kõrgemale ja kõrgemale. Seikluspargist leiad 100 seiklusmängu, 6 kõrgrada lihtsast keerulisemateni, 6 pikka õhusõitu ja ka võimaluse jalgrattaga läbi õhu sõita.

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  • 1 pääse Valgeranna Seiklusparki ühele täiskasvanule (6 seiklusrada)


Turvalisuse tagavad radade tehniline vastavus rangetele ohutusnõuetele, kogenud instruktorid ja spetsiaalne alpinismivarustus.

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Asukoht: Valgeranna Seikluspark, Valgeranna, Pärnu Näita asukohta kaardil
Kestvus: 2 h
Osalejate arv: 1
Riietus : Sportlikud riided
Kinkekaardi kehtivus: Kinkekaart kehtib 12 kuud
Hooaeg: Mai-september
Kehtivusaeg: Kehtib ka nädalavahetustel, Kehtib ainult nädalavahetustel
Riik: Eesti
Linn: Pärnu
Regioon: Pärnu maakond
Vajalik eelbroneering: Kontaktinfo on näidatud kinkekaardil
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25,00 €

  • Registreeritud liikmed saavad punkte: +25

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Valgeranna Seikluspark
info@valgerannaseikluspark.ee; +372 56 222 855
Google 4.8 / (763)
  • I recently had the pleasure of visiting Valgeranna Seikluspark, and I must say, it was an outstanding experience that catered to family members of all ages. From the youngest to the oldest, this adventure park truly has something for everyone. One of the highlights of our visit was witnessing the fearless spirit of our 7-year-old as they confidently tackled the trail 1-3 courses. It's truly a testament to the well-designed layout and the sense of safety that the park provides. The fact that a young child can navigate the trails with adults without any fear speaks volumes about the park's commitment to creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all visitors. The staff at Valgeranna Seikluspark were not only professional but also incredibly caring and friendly. Their warm welcome made us feel at ease from the moment we arrived. One aspect that stood out was the ability to securely leave our items with the reception. This thoughtful service allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the adventure without worrying about our belongings. The staff's dedication to providing guidance and support was evident throughout our visit. They were always ready to offer assistance, whether it was explaining how to navigate a certain obstacle or simply sharing a friendly smile. This kind of attentive service really adds to the overall experience, making it a standout destination for families. Our time at Valgeranna Seikluspark was nothing short of a blast. The thrilling challenges on the courses, the encouraging atmosphere, and the genuine friendliness of the staff all contributed to an unforgettable family outing. Whether you're a seasoned adventure seeker or someone looking to try something new, this park truly has it all. I highly recommend it as a fantastic way to spend quality time with your loved ones while creating lasting memories.
  • Upea, mahtava ja vaativa. Aivan mahdottoman hieno sijainti.
  • Для детей море эмоций, интересные трассы для прохождения. Покупаешь сразу прохождение 3 уровней, достаточно, чтоб дети утомились. Есть на территории качели.
  • Ruhiger kleiner Campingplatz nah am Wasser. Eingeschränkte Sanitärverhältnisse (in kleiner Hütte 1 Toilette und 1 Dusche), aber es geht (war aber Nebensaison mit nur 5 belegten Plätzen von ca. 20). Vorsaison, Restaurant nicht in Betrieb, aber wohl Getränke und Eis. Auch Hotelbetrieb.
  • A very nice place to spend a summer day. I have been here multiple times and it has been thrilling and fun on every visit. We visited it in summer 2021 and the track has got some new cool updates. The prices are okay and with the family ticket you save a lot of money. For five people the family ticket + gloves for all was at 90€. Water and snacks are cheap from the ticket booth. Price wise, i would recommend it 5/5. The tracks itself are really fun and actually provide a small spook at trails 5/6. (These tracks are more for adults; but children can also try them). Overall a nice and thrilling day at one of the best beaches in EU.